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What is in the guidelines?

In 2012, Phase 1 of the CFS rollout took place with Ministry of Education staff and Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour.

These groups together developed local plans for the rollout to school communities in 2013.

Phase 1 Rollout kit Presentation Example video series about
how to present Collaboration for Success
workshops to school communities or IEP teams

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Phase 1 Rollout kit

A package of materials for you to download and use as you develop your own rollout plans.

IEP Guidelines (printed publication)

Collaboration for Success: Individual Education Plans, Ministry of Education 2011

Read online

Download a PDF version

  Collaboration for Success: Individual Education Plans   


Presenter’s guide to using the Rollout kit

Download the guide to using the PowerPoint for presenters’ use only

NOTE: this is not for distribution

Presenter's Guide to IEP Rollout Kit (Word, 913 KB)


Handout One: Collaboration for Success PowerPoint presentation

Download PDFs: Collaboration for Success Rollout PowerPoint presentation and presenter notes

Handout One Collaboration for Success Rollout Presentation (PowerPoint, 3 MB)

Handout One Collaboration for Success Rollout Presenter Notes (PDF, 5 MB)


Handout Two: Key messages

The following is a summary of key messages about the IEP process.

Download the key messages selected by the Collaboration for Success: IEP advisory group

Handout Two Key Messages (Word, 323 KB)


Handout Three: IEPs - working as a team

Download the Infosheet for parents/caregivers and educators.

Handout Three Infosheet Individual Education Plans (PDF, 589 KB)


Handout Four: Working together diagram

Working together page on IEPOnline

Download the Working together diagram that demonstrates collaboration in action

Handout Four Working together (Word, 396 KB)


Handout Five: Meet and set goals diagram

Meet and set goals page on IEP Online

Download the Meet and set goals

Handout Five Meet and set goals (Word, 402 KB)


Handout Six: IEP template

Download a template for an Individual Education Plan.

Handout Six IEP template (Word, 200 KB)


Handout Six B: Introductory text about IEP formats

Download explanatory text about IEP formats.

Handout Six B Introduction IEP format (Word, 321 KB)

Frequently asked questions up to December 2012

These questions and answers are from the presentations to the forums for Ministry of Education staff, Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour and others who may have been invited to these forums.

As further forums are held, other questions and responses will be added.

Frequently asked questions - December 2012 (Word, 459 KB)


Whole Phase 1 Rollout Kit download

Download all Rollout kit documents (12 documents in total) in a zip file below

NOTE: this is a large file

Collaboration for Success Rollout Kit All Documents (ZIP, 11 MB)

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