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IEP Rollout plan & kit

To put the 2011 IEP guidelines Collaboration for Success into practice, the Sector Advisory group developed a phased Rollout plan and kit.

Phase 1 What is in the guidelines?

In 2012, Phase 1 of the Collaboration for Success rollout took place with Ministry of Education staff and Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour.

These groups together developed local plans for the rollout to school communities in 2013. 

Phase 2 Supporting the Guidelines into Practice

Ministry of Education staff and RTLBs will work together to support Phase 2 of the rollout to school communities, which include principals, teachers, SENCOs, teacher’s aides, students and family/whānau. Essentially, Phase 2 is aimed at anyone who is part of an IEP team.

To find out more about a Rollout kit, click on either the Phase 1 or Phase 2 diagrams.

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