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How to succeed

What you can do to succeed at IEPs

The IEP process is about writing students into The New Zealand Curriculum rather than writing students out.

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To whom does the Individual Education Plan belong?

The collaborative process of the IEP belongs to the team members, and includes parents/whānau and the student as active, valued key members. All team members are responsible for the collaborative process which informs and shapes the Individual Education Plan.

At IEP meetings, the team agrees on an individual education plan to inform teaching and learning; it may also include wider school and community goals.

Teachers are the leaders of learning in their classrooms. Their role in the IEP process is crucial to the student’s learning programme and progress.

Leadership of the meeting usually sits with the classroom teacher.

Any team member can take responsibility for initiating and leading the IEP meeting and can ask for a meeting at any time.

As the IEP informs the programme for classroom teaching and learning, the classroom teacher has the responsibility for ensuring the IEP process and the Individual Education Plan are initiated, reviewed and are effective in achieving their goals. 

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