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Recent NZ research


Recent NZ research into inclusive practices – examples of activities that demonstrate inclusion of students with special education needs

Research and literature

Review of the literature about individual education planning

Education Counts

Review of the literature on individual education plans (September 2011)

In 2010, the Ministry of Education commissioned a review of the national and international literature around IEPs to inform their future use.

David Mitchell, Missy Morton and Garry Hornby, from the University of Canterbury, carried out the review.

The review focuses on:

  • national and international developments in individual education planning
  • assessment practices in special education
  • research into effective, evidence-based IEP practices

The review identifies a number of positive aspects of New Zealand practice.

However, it also notes gaps between the original vision for IEPs and the ways they are now being implemented. Thus, opportunities for improvement exist.

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