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Video series


Watch a video series on how to present the key messages from 'Collaboration for Success', the IEP guidelines, to school communities

IEP Guidelines


Read online, order a print copy or download a pdf version of Collaboration for Success: Individual Education Plan  

Individual Education Plans

IEPOnline is for anyone involved in developing or implementing individual education plans (IEPs) to support students with special education needs. Central to the website is the Ministry of Education publication Collaboration for Success: Individual Education Plans (September 2011) which replaces the 1998 Individual Education Programme (IEP) Guidelines.

Need to know

What you need to know to get started

The IEP process reflects the vision, policy and principles of The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.

How to succeed

What you can do to succeed at IEPs

The IEP process is about writing students into The New Zealand Curriculum rather than writing students out.

IEP in secondary

Information and resources for schools, strategies and tips for teachers on how to create a successful IEP process in secondary schools

IEP stories

Students, parents, whānau, specialists and school staff share their experiences of the IEP process

IEP guidelines

Collaboration for Success: Individual Education Plans 2011 replaces the 1998 version of the IEP Guidelines

Collaboration for Success: Individual Education Plans is supported by a collection of tools, tips, and templates on this website, which have been developed by schools, parents, family/whānau, and specialist staff to support practice around the IEP process.

A copy of Collaboration for Success: Individual Education Plans will be sent to every school and additional copies can be requested from the Down the Back of the Chair catalogue or downloaded as a pdf from the Get a copy page.