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Agree and plan

Contents of the IEP – internal page that examines the IEP Process

The format of an individual education plan is not prescribed, but the plan does need to include the elements outlined in section (section 9.4) of the booklet Collaboration for Success: Individual Education Plans.

The team around the student agrees on the format of the plan. 

IEP template

This template is designed to show the student’s individual learning and teaching goals reflected within the classroom and school programmes. A number of schools trialled the template.

IEP template - downloadable Word doc which includes guidance notes that explain how each section can be completed

IEP template (Word, 202 KB)

IEP template DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

This is the same template as the one above without the guidance notes.

This version can be edited to suit your team, class or school IEP process.

IEP template DIY (Word, 175 KB)

Please note this template is designed using nested tables in MSWord.

Tutorial page – short video tutorial on how to work with nested tables.

Example IEP for a Year 12 student in transition

With thanks to the principal and staff of Central Regional Health School for permission to share an example of a student’s transition plan. All names have been changed.

Example Y12 in transition – downloadable Word doc

IEP Example Y12 in transition (Word, 75 KB)

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