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Tools | Meet and set goals

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Reflective questions for the IEP team to use during the IEP meeting

As a team, did we:

  • Review any previous goals. Were they:
    • Too difficult?
    • Too easy?
  • Consider:
    • Was there enough support?
    • Was there enough time?
    • Were the resources appropriate?
    • Did the student see the goal(s) as important for them to learn?
    • Was the goal a priority for all team members?
  • Present assessment data in accessible formats e.g. using charts and graphs to illustrate progress
  • Check each goal can pass these three tests 
    • Walk in their shoes: Why would the student want to do this?
    • Quality of Life: Does this improve or enhance their quality of life?
    • SMART: Are goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-framed?

Before the meeting

  • Who will be at the IEP meeting?
  • How will we prepare for the meeting? 

Example letter to parents 

Download an example of the letter to be sent by the teaching team (could be specialist teacher) to parents before an IEP meeting below

IEP Letter to parents pre-meeting (Word, 75 KB)

Information gathering

A format for gathering pre–IEP information from school, home and community. We are grateful to Maree Kirk for permission to share this format.

Download the Information gathering infosheet below – this would be most useful as a discussion document or handout to team members

IEP information gathering infosheet (Word, 60 KB)

Download the Information gathering worksheet below - this is a template that can be completed electronically or by hand

IEP information gathering worksheet (Word, 71 KB)

During the meeting

  • How to make best use of the meeting


Download a word version of a sample agenda for an IEP meeting below

IEP Agenda meeting (Word, 75 KB)

Reflective questions

Download a word version of the Reflective questions for the IEP team to use during the IEP meeting below

IEP Reflective questions (Word, 77 KB)

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