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Ben's IEP Rules – transcript

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Ben's IEP rules

Ben has some tips for other IEP teams on how to succeed at IEPs.

As told to Annie by Ben H, Karoro School.

By name is Ben. These are my IEP rules:

If I don’t know you, why are you here? If you come to my IEP I should know who you are.

When people listen to each other we write down what everyone says. This is important.

Sometimes people talk too much. Slow down and use words I know. Talk slowy.

IEPs are better when you have biscuits, chocolate, or lollies.

When people say things can happen, they need to happen straight away. If things can’t happen straight away, adults need to say why.

IEPs do not have to take a long time. They don’t need to be longer than a lunchtime.

I make a report about my learning. If people read the report before the meeting, they know what an awesome worker I am.

I can go on my laptop and read my IEP whenever I want.

Adults make IEPs more fun when they have a joke. I can make a book about how to make IEPs more fun.

I have to go to my IEP meetings because the adults would miss me if I didn’t.

I am proud of my IEPs because they say what I want. They say I am fantastic at work. They say what I am going to do next.

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