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In this section students talk about their experiences of IEPs and have some helpful tips for IEP teams on how to create a successful IEP process that include student voice.

About Ben and his support team

Ben is a high school student in year 9 who has had an IEP since he started primary school.

In 2010 he started to take an active role in his own goal-setting and participated in his IEP meetings.

Annie is a specialist teacher (sometimes known as additional or ORS teacher) and is a member of Ben's learning support team. She has been involved with Ben's teaching and learning programme for most of his education.

Trudy is Ben's mum.

IEP and Student Voice

Since 2010 Annie has been interviewing Ben about his involvement in his own IEP, how he feels about attending meetings and setting his own goals.

In this story Ben and Trudy talk to about Ben's involvement and what he expects from the other IEP team members.


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Ben's IEP and Clicker 5

Ben and Annie, specialist teacher, discuss how they use adaptive software Clicker 5 to share Ben's IEP goals and what this has meant to Ben's participation in his own IEP.

This footage was captured during 2010.


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Ben's IEP Rules

Ben has some advice for other IEP teams on how to make their IEP meetings go well.


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