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About strategies & tips for teachers

Some strategies and tips for teachers who have a key role in ensuring a successful IEP process.


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Download documents

Information sheet

All students belong to the school community, but it is likely an identified teacher has the responsibility to co-ordinate the provision of the IEP process, so how can other school staff be involved? Download the 'Supporting the IEP process through information sharing' information sheet

Supporting the IEP process through information sharing (PDF, 71 KB)

Something to consider

Read 'Stephen's teacher support notes', written by his parents for the teachers at his new school. They explain ways that work for Stephen and some of the challenges he faces in a new environment. This type of information demonstrates how important family/whānau knowledge of a student can be, in ensuring their success at school.

Stephen's teacher support notes (PDF, 94 KB)

Ways of working

The IEP process at Garin College that Mary McDonald, Specialist teacher explains in detail in this video presentation.

IEP process Garin College (PDF, 90 KB)

This IEP cover track sheet from Garin College shows a system of how to track the collation of information from teachers and other IEP team members before an IEP meeting.

IEP cover track sheet - Garin College (PDF, 126 KB)

This Pre-IEP information gathering sheet from Tauranga Boys' College, shows how schools can gather the right information from all IEP team members; for example the student, parent(s), teachers and teacher's aide(s).

Pre IEP information gathering - Tauranga Boys' College (PDF, 557 KB)

Feature template

Download and use the IEP template from Queen's High School, which was based on the recommendations from Collaboration for Success, the IEP guidelines.
This template was adapted from the IEP template available to download from IEP Online, check the Links section below.

IEP template - Queen's High School (Word, 52 KB)

Keeping teachers informed

Learning Support staff use different ways to keep subject teachers informed about how they can teach students. Here are some examples.

Student Profiles

Student profile example - Andrew (PDF, 180 KB)

Student profile example - James (PDF, 160 KB)

Student profile example - Melody (PDF, 208 KB)

Information about students with hearing loss

Teaching tips for students with hearing loss (PDF, 54 KB)


Go to the IEP (Do-it-Yourself) template available to download from the Agree and Plan tab of the How to Succeed section on this website.

There is also an IEP template with guidance notes available on the Agree and Plan tab to download.

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