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About collaboration & information sharing

Students, teachers, parents and whānau talk about their experience of being part of an IEP team.


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Information sheets

The collaboration of the school team is vital to the success of the IEP process. The core members of the team are identified by the needs of the student and the unique structures within each school. Download the Coordinating information around the IEP meeting information sheet

Coordinating information around the IEP meeting (PDF, 72 KB)

Plan the programming and implementing of IEP goals with the school team and emphasise ‘school action plans’ that involve differentiating teaching approaches. Download the After and between IEP meetings information sheet

After and between IEP meetings Information Sheet (PDF, 86 KB)

Something to consider

Read Stephen's letter that he wrote when he moved from his primary to secondary school. He writes about what the world is like for him and ways his teachers and classmates could help him be successful in his new environment.

Stephen's letter for his teachers (PDF, 67 KB)


Parent to Parent New Zealand is an organisation that empowers families and whānau of people with disabilities and health impairments through support and information.

Go to the Parent to Parent NZ organisation website for more

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