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Inclusive Education, Guides for schools provides practical strategies, suggestions and resources to support learners with diverse needs.

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ASD in Education logo

ASD in Education is for teams who support children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Teams bring together knowledge, experience and skills. ASD in Education will become the place to find research and evidence, practical tips and tools, learning opportunities, and links to other useful sources of information.

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IEP Online is for anyone involved in developing or implementing individual education plans (IEPs) to support students with special education needs. Central to the website is the Ministry of Education publication Collaboration for Success: Individual Education Plans (September 2011) which replaces the 1998 "Individual Education Programme (IEP) Guidelines".

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Exemplar wheel that shows three concentric rings, outside ring is features of effective pedagogy, middle ring is learning areas of the NZ Curriculum and inside ring is key competencies.

Through different eyes – Narrative assessment for learners with special education needs. The New Zealand Curriculum provides students, parents, whānau, and teachers with a clear framework for assessment, planning, and monitoring students’ progress. This particular project demonstrates the New Zealand Curriculum in practice for students with the highest learning support needs. A number of resources have been developed to assist students to learn and their teams – at home, at school, and in the wider community – to support them.

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"tips for autism" is a course where a team of people dedicates three days to learning about and developing interventions and plans to support their child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The course is free for participants and available nationwide for teams supporting school-aged children with ASD.

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Teachers and Teachers' Aides Working Together is a professional development resource for schools. It has nine modules that teachers and teachers’ aides complete together to strengthen working relationships, improve role clarity, and build knowledge of inclusive practice. Each module is a ‘ready-to-use’ pack, with a presentation, workbook, activities and a guide for putting new learning into practice.

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