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Special Education Online (SEOnline) supports school and early childhood educators who work with children and young people with special education needs.

You will find:

  • strategies, tips, and tools relating to a range of different special education needs
  • stories and case studies about how schools and ECE centres are doing things
  • access to the latest evidence on a range of topics
  • guidelines related to supporting children with special education needs
  • links to information about Special Education services and support and current Special Education projects.

Inclusive Education: Guides for schools

Inclusive Education: Guides for Schools 

Provides New Zealand educators with practical strategies, suggestions, and resources to support learners with diverse needs.

While the guides on this site are intended for educators who have students not receiving specialist assistance and funding through Ministry of Education services, the content will be useful when thinking about all students.

Learning Support Services

Contact information for your local Ministry of Education Office if you have a specific issue or information need that you want supported urgently.

Other Special Education websites

SEOnline is intended as a knowledge source for educators.

Learning Support section

Has information about the Ministry of Education, Special Education and its work

Parents Portal

Practical information about education for parents and carers; includes a section aimed at parents of children with special education needs

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