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Teachers and Teachers' Aides Working Together

Teachers and Teachers’ Aides Working Together is a professional development resource for schools.

Teachers and teachers’ aides complete together the eleven modules. The four strands of the modules are Our roles, Our students, Our work together, and Supporting student learning.

By completing these modules, teachers and teachers’ aides will strengthen working relationships, improve role clarity, and build knowledge of inclusive practice.

Each module is a ‘ready-to-use’ pack, with a presentation, workbook, activities and a guide for putting new learning into practice.

Information for school leaders and facilitators, a step-by-step Facilitator's guide, and a completion certificate for Teachers' Aides are also part of the programme.

Teachers and Teachers' Aides working together site on TKI – Internal link to the Welcome page for Teacher and Teacher Aides working together. The modules that teachers and teacher aides complete together are housed on this site.

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