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Evaluation of SCERTS

Download evaluation report from Cognition Education, June 2011

SCERTS Framework in NZ (PDF, 1 MB)

SCERTS in practice

Information on the SCERTS framework

These resources will:

  • Provide an understanding of the concepts of SCERTS in relation to the challenges of children with ASD
  • Provide information sheets on SCERTS for practitioners and for parents/centres
  • Summarise the concepts Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports
  • Include articles on using SCERTS published in New Zealand and in other places

Introduction to SCERTS Model

Download the powerpoint presentation from the SCERTS website by Prizant et al. Suitable for practitioners. © 2010 - all rights reserved.

Introduction to SCERTS Model (PowerPoint, 1 MB)

Go to SCERTS website 

Introducing SCERTS Information for families

Download powerpoint presentation Introducing SCERTS – Information for families/whanau and early childhood educators, that shows links to Te Whariki. Practitioners may use as a presentation or handout.  

Introducing SCERTS Information for families (PowerPoint, 2 MB)

Info sheet on SCERTS

Download Word doc Infosheet on SCERTS with a brief description useful for families.

Info sheet on SCERTS (Word, 63 KB)

Guide to SCERTS

Download Word doc Handout Guide to SCERTS describing  (a) Social Communication,(b) Emotional Regulation, (c) Transactional Supports. 

Guide to SCERTS (Word, 156 KB)

Small steps that measure success

Download pdf article Small steps that measure success. A New Zealand story about implementing SCERTS at Wharerangi Kindergarten.

Small steps that measure success (PDF, 625 KB)

Inclusion Notebook newsletter excerpt

Download pdf article excerpt from an Inclusion Notebook newsletter describing the use of SCERTS in a school

Inclusion Notebook excerpt (PDF, 378 KB)

SCERTS Evidence-based Practice

Download pdf The SCERTS model and evidence based practice.

SCERTS Evidence-Based Practice (PDF, 1 MB)

Using a SCERTS lens in practice

For specialist practitioners wanting to use elements of SCERTS in their assessment and planning of children with ASD. 

Questions to guide observations within SCERTS

Download pdf Questions to guide observations within SCERTS (Barry Prizant)

Questions to Guide Observations within SCERTS (PDF, 443 KB)

Using the SCERTS lens

Download Word doc Using the SCERTS Lens in assessment and planning for special education practitioners, including observation tables (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transactional Support).
These are key skills/behaviours to be observed  in non-verbal and verbal children and the transactional supports that are being used in the environment 

Using the SCERTS lens (Word, 125 KB)

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