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Professional learning for people supporting students with autism

Autism New Zealand provide a two-day professional learning course for people supporting students aged 5-12 with autism.

Tilting the Seesaw for Teams will educate teams of teachers, parents, whānau and other key support people in their understanding of autism. It also educates teams of people to work in partnership to develop skills and strategies to support students with autism.

Read more on the Autism New Zealand website. Contact Autism New Zealand for information about the course, and the course schedule. Email info@autismnz.org.nz or freephone 0800 288 476.

Teacher release is available for teachers who attend Tilting the Seesaw for Teams. The Ministry of Education will reimburse schools $150 per day (GST excl.) for a teacher to attend Tilting the Seesaw for Teams i.e., $300 excl. GST for the two-day course. Schools can be reimbursed after a teacher has attended a course, by sending a tax invoice to the Ministry of Education at nationalautism.programme@education.govt.nz. Aside from the usual details in a tax invoice, the following key details must be included:

  • School name, address and bank account
  • Name of the teacher who attended Tilting the Seesaw for Teams, and the date of the course.

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