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Contact Special Education

For advice and appropriate referral call the Special Education Information Line on 0800 622 222 or email special.education@minedu.govt.nz

Ministry of Education National Office

Physical address Level 3, 45-47 Pipitea Street Thorndon, Wellington

Postal address PO Box 1666, Thorndon, Wellington Phone

Phone +64 4 463 8000 | Fax +64 4 463 8254

Special Education district and local offices

Contact details for the Ministry of Education's Special Education district and local offices is located on the ministry's main website.

Sending an email?

To send an email to someone at the Ministry of Education, please use the formula: firstname.surname@minedu.govt.nz

For information about school operation matters contact the Ministry of Education Service Desk

Phone 0800 422 599 or email  moe.servicedesk@minedu.govt.nz

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