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Welcome to Teachers and Teacher Aides Working Together. This is a professional development resource for schools.

It has nine modules for teachers and teacher aides to complete together. The modules are designed to help strengthen the ways teachers and teacher aides work together, and help to build professional knowledge and a shared understanding of inclusive practice.

Each module is a ‘ready-to-use’ pack, with a presentation, workbook, activities and a guide for putting new learning into practice. Each module follows an inquiry cycle, where teachers and teacher aides engage with information  about the topic, reflect on an aspect of their work and plan a new strategy or an approach to try. After implementing the strategy, the teacher and teacher’s aide evaluate how it went.

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School leaders

Information for school leaders outlines the purpose of Teachers and Teacher Aides Working Together and how to use it effectively in a school



  • Recognise staff who have completed all nine modules with a certificate

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