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Learning modules

ASD for Police

ASD for Police is a professional learning package. Thanks to Greymouth-based developers Jo Dowell and Jason Johnson of the Ministry of Education and Senior Sergeant Alison Ealam of the Police.

Whenever they have run the workshop in West Coast and Nelson, Jo and Jason receive positive feedback. In addition, they have fielded regional requests to share this resource widely. 

Feedback confirms that Police are happy to receive this training as it covers a subject not included in their standard training. Furthermore, the sesson provides practical tips and understanding to support them in their work.

Download the July 2012 PowerPoint presentation

ASD for Police (PowerPoint, 974 KB)


Using Social Stories

This learning module is likely to be of particular interest to specialist educators, including Ministry of Education staff and RTLB. The module can be used by an individual or by a group.

The purpose of this learning module is to:

  • introduce Social Stories
  • examine current research about Social Stories
  • explore the use of Social Stories in your work
  • provide information about where to find out more about Social Stories.

Downloadable PDF Social stories learning module

Social stories learning module (PDF, 2 MB)

Checklist survey of the learning module. Downloadable Word doc.

Feedback from users is welcome. Complete the feedback form and send through your comments.

Social stories Feedback form (Word 2007, 88 KB)


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