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Recent NZ research into inclusive practices

Until recently, there was little New Zealand research into inclusive practices in New Zealand schools.

  • We’ve identified research activities that illustrate including students with special education needs
  • Please let us know of others that should be made available by emailing us at special.education@education.govt.nz with the subject title 'IEPOnline'

Barriers to School Inclusion

Dr Alison Kearney, of Massey University, has kindly given us permission to share her doctoral thesis.

Download a copy of ‘Barriers to School Inclusion: An Investigation into the Exclusion of Disabled Students from and within New Zealand Schools' below

Barriers to School Inclusion (PDF, 2 MB)

Evaluation of narrative assessment and curriculum exemplars for students with special education needs

Dr Bourke, of Victoria University, Wellington, and Dr Mentis, from Massey University, report on a three-year Ministry of Education-funded evaluation of narrative assessment and curriculum exemplars for students with special education needs

Download a copy of the evaluation report below

Research and Evaluation of Narrative Assessment 2010 (PDF, 3 MB)

Visibly learning

‘Visibly learning’ draws on research into assessment practices used by teachers in New Zealand schools when teaching students with high and very high support needs. Reproduced by kind permission of the authors and publisher. This article draws on research funded by the Ministry of Education and lead by researchers from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Massey University, New Zealand, and Newcastle University, United Kingdom.

Download a pdf version of the Visibly learning article from the International Journal of Inclusive Education (Edition 19 July 2011, Routledge) below

Visibly learning (PDF, 96 KB)

Learning better together

In 2009, IHC commissioned Dr Jude MacArthur to research and develop a guide to inclusive education in New Zealand schools.

View the Learning better together – Inclusive Education video.

Whakarongo mai (Listen to me)

Katherine Rees carried out her research into the education experiences of people with disabilities. She says “Inclusive Education is something that students, families and educators alike have been striving for in New Zealand for well over twenty years. When reflecting on my schooling I came to the conclusion that the idea of inclusion was no longer constructive when trying to create a successful learning community for diverse learners. The purpose of this paper is to provide new language for discussing diverse learner needs in the school setting and illustrate how moving away from a resource focus will create life-long learners."

Download a copy of Katherine's research below

Whakarongo mai - Katherine Rees (PDF, 168 KB)

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