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Recent developments


Some recent developments in education and disability sector initiatives 

Review tools

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Inclusive practice

Educator sitting in chair reading to a group of intermediate-age pupils in a library setting

Important changes have taken place in the education and disability sectors since the Individual Education Programme (IEP) Guidelines were first published in 1998.

Collaboration for Success: Individual Education Plans’ has been developed to incorporate the principles and practical applications of those changes.

See the Recent developments box (on the right) for more information.


Index for Inclusion

The Index for Inclusion was first published in 2000. Since then it has been revised, updated, and translated into a number of languages.

An overview of the components of the Index gives several useful excerpts from the full resource, and then you can order the 2011 version
The Index for Inclusion is a set of materials to guide schools through a process of inclusive school development. It is about building supportive communities and fostering high achievement for all staff and students. 

Including students with high needs

An Education Review Office (ERO) self-review tool for Including students with high needs.
ERO evaluated how well schools included students with high needs. Approximately three percent of the student population have significant physical, sensory, neurological, psychiatric, behavioural or intellectual impairment.

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