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Helpful strategies for building and maintaining successful teams

Problem solving

  • Clarify the question or problem
  • Brainstorm alternatives without judgement
  • Discuss alternatives
  • Use consensus decision making

Conflict resolution

Conflict is natural and while it may not feel good it provides the opportunity to better understand one another and find solutions:

  • Confront the conflict (primarily the role of the facilitator)
  • Seek a calm expression of views by using active listening without interruption
  • Encourage open discussion to establish a clear definition of the problem
  • Criticise ideas not people, accept criticism without defensiveness, try to see the other person’s point of view
  • Seek solutions without judgement
  • Discuss solutions
  • Use consensus decision making
  • If compromising, define how and when to evaluate if the compromise is working

Maintaining relationships

  • Positive, respectful relationships between all team members are the essence of collaborative team work. Maintaining ongoing communication is central to these relationships.
  • Agree the preferred way(s) of communicating among team members, e.g. phone, home/school note book, email, face to face meetings.
  • Aim for contact at least once per month
  • Arrange classroom visits (with prior agreement)
  • Create student portfolios for other team members to view and review. If possible, use photos and videos of the student learning
  • Keep team members, particularly parents, informed so that there are no surprises at meetings


Download a word version of the Helpful strategies for building and maintaining successful teams below

IEP Helpful Strategies (Word, 73 KB)

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